Hyundai Power Equipment

Hyundai Power Equipment 
Available through Soar Equestrian and Country store. Fully pdi'd (pre-delivery inspection) and delivered free carriage * direct to your door.

Why Hyundai?

Below we have a range of leisure inverter generators (commonly known as suitcase generators) from Hyundai. These types of generators are an ideal power solutions for caravans, motorhomes, horseboxes and camping enthusiasts. Compact, portable, affordable and quiet, Hyundai petrol generators range from 1kW and go up to 3.2kW, which is an impressive power output from generators of this size. These inverter generators are safe to use with all your sensitive electronics like Pads, Laptops and Flat Screen TVs.

*free carriage is UK mainland only there is a small charge to Highlands, Islands and Ireland
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